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29 Days of Prayer and Personal Revival

This Sunday we are starting a 29 day mission. August 30 until September 27. On September 27 we will be having our regular service at 10:30am and will also have a service at 6:30pm which at sundown starts Yum Kippur - Day of Atonement.

I am encouraging everyone to participate in this 29 day mission.

Each day there will be a scripture to read and then a statement to think, and meditate on. This process I believe will help us to grow closer to God, closer to each other and bring personal revival to all of us.

Please take this serious and be consistent each day. Purpose each day to pursue God. Be open and allow the Holy Spirit to direct you steps and bring you closer to Him.

September 13 we will be having a congregational gathering at Lenny's house in Pennsville for our morning service at 10:30am. There will also be an opportunity for anyone who would like to be baptized. Lenny has a in ground pool.

After service we will be having a cook-out. The pool will be open (PLEASE wear appropriate bathing suits.)

There will be a sign-up sheet in church the next few weeks for food to bring.

There will be a schedule of the 29 Days handed out at church this Sunday. On Sunday there will be a copy here in case you could not attend.

Continue to PRAY for the congregation, our homes, our county, our state, and country. Prayer Can Make a Difference.

God Bless you we love you very much.

Pastor Eric

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