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On Monday November 1 a day that seemed normal, praying for election on November 2, expecting a great week, and THEN. Storm on the horizon. A Physical Storm, a storm that brought 2 feet of water into The River Church. NOW WHAT?

It's amazing how a devastation can change your life and those around you forever.

LORD, what do you want us to do? It's your church building? We are your people? Give us a clue.

Well, it's been 46 days and all I can say is it has been an experience.

We have had sickness, death, attacks and did I say sickness.

After a few days of dumpster visiting. I mean books, furniture, boxes, OH YEAH over 27 years of sermons throw away because of the water damage. We started to dismantle the old library shelves that had see the last flood. The kitchen was destroyed, and oh, the carpet! It's coming up. Then it hit.

Influenza B Yes, I got the flu. Well we had now 3 to 4 people on a good day to help.

WORK till about 2:30-3:00 then home to bed for the rest of the day. Coughing, sinus, fever, and just plain BLAH

For over 3 weeks the same thing. Get up go to church, leave around 2:30 (exhausted) and to bed. Coughing, sinus, fever and Just plain BLAH.

People who volunteered, left. Promises never fulfilled. And now it's GOD WE NEED HELP

Jim Newkirk and Jimmy B came to me to paint and get the walls done. HALLELUJAH.

We now were seeing some results or light at the end of the tunnel.

I called a friend Bob Burgess with Gillispie Group that does epoxy flooring. Now that there was an open canvas for God to paint. We set up a date for Dec. 13 to start.

Joe Oliver who has been there working (83 years old) was so helpful in everything. Now its time to start preparing for the floor to be done.

3 dumpsters, Flu, Pray and WORK now we are ready to see a transformation.

Today December 17, 2021 we can say that the floor, painting, lighting and odds and ends are done.

Monday we start wiping down, cleaning, and preparing to bring furniture, sanctuary things, and a few decorations into finished room. Along with building sound/video booth and some lighting. Jeff - Joe Olivers ex son-in-law is going to be creating a wood backdrop wall design with lighted cross which is going to be AWESOME.

Oh Yeah, did I tell you the testimonies?

Painting of 2 coats and primer - donated

Flooring - reduced $23,000

Tile for back rooms and vinal backsplash for sanctuary with glue and tools. - donated

Kinda reminds me when Jaimie and I set up our first church. People came from everywhere to donate materials.

Thanksgiving to Joe Oliver, Lou C, Jim N, Jimmy B, Terence, Kerry B, the guys from Gillispie Group, Bob Bergess, Carney's Point Assembly of God for reaching out to use their facility in case we needed it, Annette, Amy, and Dawn for making meals. and the rest of the congregation who helped get it too here.

I could probably write a book on this experience and there is so much more to tell. BUT, GOD GETS ALL THE GLORY. So now you get a chance to see the transformation through pictures. God Bless

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