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Over the past 6 or 7 weeks we started a Monday Night Bible Study in the home of Pastor Eric Zeidler on UNITY. Starting on Feb 21 through April 1 we will be having for those who have sought the Lord a 40 day fasting, prayer, reflections, devotionals and more....

Join today at and click on IN ONE ACCORD.

We are so thankful for God moving across this nation, (not just in these past 10 days, but always). CAREFUL!! Many will claim and prophesied this or that, many will watch and try to start their own revival by hype. Much of what God is doing is because the remnant have been praying for years. Seeking God's heart, letting go of pride, selfishness, greed, and fame. Revival starts within you! "It's not by power or might, but MY SPIRIT says the Lord" He will not despise a "broken spirit, and a contrite heart" Look into your heart today, what does God see? Humility or pride? Thank you Jesus for moving by your Spirit in the lives of many as we see the Day approaching.

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