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Blessings and Prayer

God still continues to bless us and surprise us in many ways.

Our freezers are full with over 11 cases of chicken assortment.

Many prayers are being answered.

Eyes of unsaved friends, love ones and those we meet are asking questions, and willing to talk about the Lord.

Three weeks ago I shared about "Let go of your expectations" and that tuesday we were hit with the hurricane. Wednesday many showed up and God made a way to open on Sunday.

(Spirit showed up)

Two weeks ago I shared about "The Nature of God" and the Salem church was broken into. Nothing gone, but found someone sleeping in the church.

(Soul was on trial)

Last week I shared about "God is doing a new thing" Friday I had an accident and a piece of ceramic tile went into my eye. Sunday night I had several bumps appear on my face. Went to Urgent Care on Monday and found out I had shingles. Today I am doing well, no pain all week, and Praising the Lord.

(Body was under attack)

Today the Spirit reminded me of Jesus in the wilderness.

Body, Soul and Spirit

The Holy Spirit spoke to me about getting a refreshing tomorrow. At 2pm we will be at Lenny's home for an outdoor baptism. Lenny is Refreshing Me, and afterwards there are several people I'm going to baptized.


Minister Daryl Halter will be sharing the Word in the am, and Jaimie and I will be there to open and praise the LORD. Come expecting.

Next Sunday we are going to have a healing service. Bring your friends, and family for a time of refreshing and healing.

FINALLY, please pray and ask the Lord as we need a little help with the electric bill this month. Due to the storm and running the fans, and air all week, the electric spiked . Help as the Lord leads you.

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