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DO THE ONE THING message and Prayer Request

Here is the message today at The River Church PG

We will be starting Bible Study again tomorrow night at 7pm

Notes and series will be shared tomorrow for tomorrow night.

I am requesting pray for this Wednesday as I am traveling to the Barnagat/Pennsauken Line to pray and declare what the Lord has placed on my heart. The Lord has been revealing different things and confirming His words over the past 3 weeks. I am beleiving that the Lord is going to show His power and might. Be prepared to declare Gods miracle working power instead of conforming to the worlds confession and believers negative confession. It will shake the very foundation of this world.

PLEASE if you have any doubt, keep it to yourself.

PLEASE understand that man will not be able to take any credit, GOD gets all the GLORY

Thank you in advance for all the support and prayers.

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