Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Today as we were setting up with all the rain, I checked the grass area that many would be parking in and it is saturated.

SO< we will be going live and not do the Drive-in Service this week. We will see about next week.

Here are the links to watch the service tomorrow: for ctf-tv for The River Church

Video Conference dial (515) 604-9566 access code 203609

We will also be on FaceBook

I pray that you will be blessed! Remember since we are not meeting for church bills still keep coming in, so ask the Lord to show you what to give. Blessings Pastor Eric

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OK, I been praying and seeking the Lord to have Drive-In Church.

Pulpit and music will be against parking lot wall.

Everyone can park in lot and on the grass behind the parking lot. I think we should be able to accomadate everyone. Cars will park facing the brick wall. We will have sound system outside, and run video on screen on wall. Everyone will stay in their car during service. It will give us a sense of being together. You can honk horn for AMEN, LOL.

What we need help with is:

3 people to direct and get cars in place.(need to be there by 9:45am)

2 people to take offering by going to cars.(after service)

Judy to do her regular sound and video.

Jaimie singing

1 camera will be streaming live

Ipad recording to FB

This is all depending on weather. It looks like it is going to be 70 with clouds on Sunday.

PLEASE give me feedback so we can start getting the word out, and set up everything to bring out on SUnday mornng.

Thanks, just trying to keep the boat floating and God being glorified.


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