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Updated: May 15, 2020

WE will be outside this sunday for our drive-in service

Please have patience and be mindful. This is all new for us, just as it is for you.

God teaches us to use wisdom! Therefore please no hugging or shaking hands.

Here are a few rules:

1.There will be someone to assist you to your parking space.

2.You MUST stay in your car.

3.There will be someone at the sidewalk on the way out to collect offering.

4.Bathrooms will be open, back bathroom and front bathroom, however only one at a time in the church building.

5.You will receive a bulletin and song sheets when you pull into parking space. Sermon will be live outside and there will be loud speakers

6.Lets enjoy this special time together.

7.Someone will direct the traffic flow as you leave the parking lot.

Remember this is the first service like this, stay positive, and pray for everything to work out according to the Holy Spirit and God's plan.

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