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Fate and Faith Part 2

Deeper in Faith

Hebrews 11:1-2

Greek word - "pistis" meaning Firm Persuasion

A conviction based on hearing

Strongs Con. Faith - is always a gift from God and nothing that can be produced by man

GOD's Divine Persuasion

1 John 5:4

Be carefull not to fall into a trap of human belief and self confidence

Romans 10:17 conviction based on HEARING

Satan wants us to believe that What ever will be willbe.

Doom and gloom is just the way its is. WRONG

Romans 12:3

Because the color of your skin, ethnis background, gender, financial satus and education will hold you back from Gods destiny.

Thats what the enemy uses against you.

Matthew 11:27-30

Remember HIS FAITH IN YOU, is bigger than your faith in yourself.

Trust in the new path He is about to impart

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