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UPDATE of The River Church after the storm

Good Evening Saints,

Yes, it's been awhile since our last post. PLESE forgive me.

Last night we had a severe storm in South Jersey which flooded a large portion of Penns Grove. Today around 2:00pm we had the opportunity to enter into the building. PTL, anyway we received about 1 1/2 feet of water inside the church with river muck. Fortunately we received a phone call the day before about the River possible 9 feet higher then normal. We had the chance to move alot of equipment, books and ministry things up off the floor.

HOWEVER, with 1 1/2 feet of water it is going to take us time. Getting a cleaning service and while we are at it, dismantling some of the shelves and re-doing interior of building.

We are praying for direction in the process so PLEASE pray for God's wisdom and favor.

We may tear up the carpet and finish it with a concrete acrylic design and finish. Tearing the shelves out and re-doing the walls. and some other changes.

Another issue will be Bible Study, AA, Lending Library and Church Services. As of tomorrow we will be postponing until further notice.

We may for now move Bible Study to homes, and Church Services online until we find a place or rent.

SO, as you see this is going to be a BIG STEP. But, I believe that whatever the enemy meant for evil, God will turn it around for HIS GLORY.

The BEST WAY TO STAY IN TOUCH IS RIGHT HERE. If you know someone from the River Church check with them to make sure they get the information.

TOMORROW some of us will be there to start bagging and throwing things away. AND WE WILLLLLLLL be having Family Fun Night at 5pm out front of the church.

THANK you for your support, prayers and financial blessings to continue to move forward as God leads.


In His Grace

Pastor Eric and Jaimie Zeidler

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