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Ordination Service for Daryl Halter

We are excited to announce that Sunday July 26, 2020 that Daryl L. Halter will be ordained as a minister at The River Church

All are welcome and we will be streaming the service here on The River Church Live.

Service starts at 10:30am and a social distancing luncheon will follow.


Our seats are sprayed, and counter tops disinfected, along with our bathrooms.

If you have a temperature, feeling sick, coughing or feel uneasy about being in our setting, please stay home and watch service on your computer or cell phone.

If you are attending we ask you please bring a mask, wash when you enter and sit in the correct seating as per family.

During luncheon PLEASE be considerate in sitting, and fellow shipping with others.

We trust God and His word. We are also told to have wisdom and caution.

Together we can enjoy the presence of the Lord and fellowship

Thank you

Pastor Eric Zeidler

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Jul 25, 2020

Looking forward to Daryl's special day!

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