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Tomorrow we start as a congregation together 29 days of Prayer and Personal Revival. This month will be a blessing to all who join, dedicate time and be diligent. My desire is to see a personal revival in all of our hearts.

Tomorrows message is: "REPENT and TURN TO GOD" I will be sharing the many aspects and blessings of repentance. Repent is not a bad word, but a breath of fresh air from God. Repentance is not just getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar, but with regret that you even tried to put your hand in.

PLEASE watch on our website here for live streaming or better yet. SEE YOU at 10:30am

29 Days of Prayer and Personal Revival

August 30 – September 27

Sunday September 27 – 28 Sunday night service 6:30pm start of Yom Kippur

(Day of Atonement – Seeking forgiveness of past sins

Each day read, meditate on the scripture, ask yourself, then ask God to reveal

Day 1 – August 30 Psalm 29 – In these 29 days , hear His voice so your wilderness breaks.

Day 2 – Proverbs 29 vs 18 – Ask God for a window of prophetic revelation to open.

Day 3 – Jeremiah 29 vs 1-14 – The Lord has a plan for your prosperity and success.

Day 4 – Genesis 4 – Worship the Lord in a new way, and shut ever door to jealousy and sin.

Day 5 – Genesis 13 – Relationships are changing. Ask God to have you depart from strife and contention so you can inherit the promise God has for you.

Day 6 – Deuteronomy 4 vs 9 – Ask the Lord to quicken a word of obedience in your heart.

Day 7 – Joshua 1 – Ask the Lord to fix your mind (meditate) upon the promise He has for you ahead. Start to develop a success positive attitude.

Day 8 – Joshua 2 – Know that the Lord has helped prepare for the road ahead.

Day 9 – Joshua 3 – Sanctify thyself. That means to get rid of anything that could hinder you from crossing over to the promised land. Today is the day to stop, get off, walk away from things that will distract you.

Day 10 – Joshua 4 – Worship and Pray for your generational connections. Family, church, associates and workers. Establish a place today to worship.

Day 11 – Joshua 5 – Circumcise your heart and roll away any reproach from the past.

Day 12 – Ezra 4 – Do Not Allow the enemy;s resistance to keep you from moving forward toward your personal revival.

Day 13 – Nehemiah 4 – Find your place in the gap and on the wall. Listen carefully for the Lord's trumpet. Review your weapons of war and keep building.

See Pastor for a reading and listing of Spiritual Weapons.

Day 14 – Ester 4 – TODAY IS A DAY OF FASTING! (Let God choose the fast) Ask the Lord to have you commit to find your place corporately and help the Body fight against the enemy. Find your place in a corporate prayer meeting, whether at work, church, or a group of others. Be willing to bodly enter in to the Kings Throne Room. Listen, Obey, and Watch

Day 15 – Jeremiah 11 – Ask the Lord to reveal any covenant breaking plan the enemy has devised against your life.

Day 16 – Jeremiah 12 – Ask the Lord to give you strength to “contend with the horses” and withstand the roar of the lion, your adversary. Let the roar of God arise in you and be determined to cross over your Jordan.

Day 17 – Matthew 4 – Close the door to Satan's temptations. Ask the Holy Spirit what those doors are, trust in Faith and allow Him to show you and change you.

Day 18 – Luke 4 – Declare that you are coming out of your wilderness, annointed for God's future plan.

Day 19 – Matthew 7 vs 7-12 – Ask, Knock, Seek, and Receive.

Day 20 – Acts 1 – Receive Kingdom power to begin a new season. Get to know the Holy Spirit in a new way.

Day 21 – Acts 2 – Ask the Lord to remove everything in your life that would hinder the Holy Spirit from filling you a new and fresh.

Day 22 – Acts 3 – Rise up, walk forward, leap forth, change your mind, and enter into times of refreshing.

Day 23 – Habakuk 1 – Habakuk means “ embrace” To embrace to let go and grab ahold of something with all your passion. Ask the Lord about certain things that have hindered you in the past, and then receive a watchman anointing so you can peer into what God has for you in the future.

Day 24 – Habakuk 2 – Reveiw the vision and write it plainly. What is your purpose, what has He called you to do?

Day 25 – Habakuk 3 – Ask God for a REVIVED heart. Sing the wonderful hymn of faith from vs 17-19. Look down at your feet and see that God is giving you hind's feet to leap on high places.

Day 26 – Ruth 1 – Be willing to be like Ruth, leave your past, and make a covenant new fresh to follow after the Lord's purpose. Review your relationships. Make sure you are devoted to those that you plan on walking with in the future.

TODAY, is the day of release.

Day 27 – Ruth 2 – Be willing to glean and serve so you can reap in the future. Look for and seek those who are actively seeking Him.

Day 28 – Ruth 3 – Be willing to shift so you can secure your God given inheritance. Leave your garment of grief from the past behind and ask God to take you down to your threshing floor. Submit yourself new and fresh to the Lord.

Day 29 – Ruth 4 – Let God's redemptive plan begin to work in a new way. “And may He be to you a restorer of life and a nourisher” In other words, may He revive, retreive, reverse and return seven-fold that which you have lost.

You have know completed 29 days of seeking revival in your heart. Tonight we will be gathering at the church at 6:30pm for the start of Yom Kippur. The Day of Atonement) Come expecting, and come to worship in His manifested presence.

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