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River Church info on Opening

"It is well, it is well with my soul"

It has been a challenge for all of us over these past few months during this virus and protests around the world. Yet, Jesus has been with us, directing us and protecting us.

Here are a few comments and information on up coming openings:

This Sunday June 14 we will continue with our OUTDOOR DRIVE-IN Service at 10:30am and will resume church inside next week June 21.

I want to thank everyone who has been a support for us during these trying times. It has been encouraging to see so many in our church communicating, sending notes and letters, talking and encouraging on Facebook and other medias. Just being the Body of Christ as He would like us to be.

I pray that through these times you have sought the Lord and asked the Holy Spirit to remove, change and position us for what is next. Prayers do work. God has not been slack, and has comforted all of us through these months.

My prayer has always been that we don't return to normal again, or the so called new normal, but what He has for all of us. CHANGE is in the air, IF, you can small it.

This SUNDAY JUNE 14 - service will start outdoors at 10:30am Bring a chair and mask.

MONDAY JUNE 15 - starting at 7pm we will resume our Bible Study. I ask that you bring a mask with you and please consider sitting at a distance, which ever room you are in. After Bible Study it is up to each group to spray and wipe down the areas that you have been in and touched. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE! PLEASE just don't head out the door and expect someone else to do it for you.


SATURDAY JUNE 20 - at 9:30am we will be having a Church Cleanup Day. We need to clean, organize, thrown out and tidy up. AGAIN, THIS IS NOT JUST FOR A FEW it is a CHURCH EVENT. (please bring a mask)

SUNDAY JUNE 21 - at 10:30am we will be having service in the sanctuary. Chairs will be set up for the 6ft. distancing. Families can sit together (please don't move chairs around). PLEASE BRING a mask to have on you. Consider other peoples distancing as some are still concerned about hugs, kisses, etc.....

Jaimie and Casey are discussing what would be the best for our kids. Our concern is for them and the parents.

After the service YOU ARE REQUESTED to spray and wipe down your area where you sat and touched. There will be spray bottles available. THIS IS NOT FOR A FEW PEOPLE TO DO, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, don't just head out of church and expect someone else to do it for you.

I personally want to thank everyone who has supported, prayed, and given to keep the church building bills and facility in order.

For those who have given online and send there tithes by mail, your obedience is a blessing.

I want to thank Daryl and Pam Halter for their music during our online inside services. Thank you to Judy Bradford for her continued Lawn Ministry and Johnny G and Trish for keeping our sidewalks neat and orderly.

I want to thank Jaimie and Lynn for helping to keep our outside worship running smooth.

Thanks to Karla, Skip and John for their continued prayers on Wednesday Night for all of us and our prayer requests.

Thanks to Dee and Karla for their continued time of keeping the church inside clean.

Please continue to pray for the Kings Depot as we have been shut down for several months and had to dip into our reserve of 1800.00 to keep the rent and electric paid.

Please continue to pray for our churches. Penns Grove and Salem

Please continue to pray for our President and Leaders, our state and countries around the World

Please continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to keep our minds focused on Kingdom things and not get caught up in earthly passions.

Please continue to pray for the opening up our our church and other churches that we would become changed and transformed to do His work in these coming days.

Please continue to pray for our Body of Believer's and that we continue to hear from God.

Please pray for Daryl Halter as he is to be ordained in the next few weeks.

Please pray for our schools, our local businesses and our families.

And lastly, I want to thank the Holy Spirit, Jesus and Father God for all they have done to protect us and giving us a right mind.

In His Loving Care,

Pastor Eric and Jaimie

PS: Email us back as to signing up for June 20th Clean UP Day Thank you!

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