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River Church - PG is open

We want to let everyone know that tomorrow June 21 The River Church will be open.

There are a few issues you need to know and help us comply and be safe to be considerate to others.

  1. Please bring a mask (keep it with you as some still want others to wear a mask. )

  2. Seating is very simple. Your picture is on your seat. We tried to position families and couples together. Please lets work together.

  3. When you come in through the front doors, we ask you to wash with the sanitizer that is on front entrance.

  4. During service you can drop or take off mask but keep it with you.

  5. We want everyone to feel comfortable. So, we ask you be cautious when talking, hugging, etc.... with others. If someone feels uncomfortable please don't push your greeting on them.

  6. PLEASE PRAY for our congregation and community and our nation. God is moving and we want to be apart of His will and work throughout the region.

  7. ENJOY the service. The message tomorrow is "RELAX: God Got IT" Egypt is not a place we need to return. Moving forward takes change and unity. God bless

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