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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

During this time of the church age, we have to learn to Think Out of the Box. By using many different ways to stay connected. Unity is the key. When we stay away from talking, meeting and praying together we start to distance from one another. So we have implemented a few ways to stay connected.

This blog will keep you informed with the things we are facing in the church and outside the church. Please check our site regularly for updates.

Sunday March 22, 2020 will be the first time around this country where we are not to assemble 10 or more due to the Covid 19 virus. Through prayer and speaking to leadership, here are a few things we are condisering.

1. Jaimie and I (Pastor Eric) will be at The River Church in Penns Grove holding our regular service at 10:30am. PLEASE consider everyone else. If you are feeling under the weather, stay home and watch on our many ways to see and listen to the service. If you feel led to attend that is up to you. Remember we do need to adhere to the request to not assemble 10+ together. PLEASE consider everyone else with hand sanitizer, covering mouth, etc..... I am not saying we are closing the church, but we are leaving it up to you.

2. To watch the service you can go to our site here and click on RIVER CHURCH LIVE and watch on your computer. You can also watch or listen on Free Conference Call by dialing on your home phone and listen, or dial on your cell phone and watch. Dial (515) 604-9566 and enter the access code 203609. You will be able to see a live feed of the service. We will be using this more and more to stay intouch.

You can also get the CTFTV app for free and watch LIVE

You can also watch on YouTube at CTFTV1

3. We are considering moving the Monday Night Bible Study in homes. PLEASE check here for more information.

4.Tithing and Offering is very important right now. The River Church does have a side fund that can keep us going for about a month and a half with no offerings. However, after that we will go into shut down mode. Not disconnecting anything but using very little. Lending Library, AA, and Kings Depot will have to stop until things get back to regular openings. That is why TITHE AND OFFERINGS need to continue through mail or onine.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY, the biggest key for all of us.

5. We will have a place for you to share prayer requests, information and comments to inform, help and assist our body in this issue that we are all in. SO, continue to think positive, talk positive, pray positive and PLEASE keep your comments to Spirit led discussions and not worldly junk.

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Asking God if to go to church or watch on computer or on the app. Blessings and Grace be with you.


You can go to HOME page and 1/2 way down on right is a donate button, and on top of this page STAY IN TOUCH has a donate button.


Yes you can tithe on paypal. Page Stay in Touch has a donate button, and Home page has a button 1/2 way down on right to donate. Thanks



20 бер. 2020 р.

Is there a paypal that we can tithe to?

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