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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

I want to thank everyone who turned on our church service this morning and I pray that you were blessed, encouraged and felt the Spirit of the living God.

We will start tomorrow night at 7:00pm with Bible Study online with a series called "Battle For Your Life" I beleive it will encourage, build up and position us for what God has for The River Church.

We must continue to stay in prayer for our Body, families around us, county and state. Lets stay in a mode of repentance, love, humility, and vision.

I challenge everyone to stay in touch, call someone who God puts on your mind, send a card or note, make up some encouraging notes and drop off at congregation doors, drop off flowers, be creative, be a blessing. Give information to others about connecting to our church website and programs on CTF-TV. Again, think out of the box, think through the position we are in, and allow God to give you fresh wisdom.

If you have any ideas for encouraging others, or just want to share a testimony. Sign in and share here on your website.

LOOK THROUGH THE ISSUES and see God moving in power and might.

Blessings to you all, In HIs Love

Pastor Eric

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