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We are going to comply!

As we have heard and watched the series of events going on around us, we are thankful that Salem Co was one county in NJ without anyone contacting the corona virus. However, 1 in Pennsville has now been tested and has the virus. Gov. Murphy now has joined the several states to close down. So as of tonight at 9:00pm the stay at home policy is in effect. Throughout the announcements I have not seen the closing of Churches, but I believe God has given us wisdom. As the Pastor of The River Church PG/Salem we will comply with the stay at home, limit our travel, and continue to pray for NJ, USA and around the World for Gods healing, Gods protection and ultimately Gods plan.

I am a firm believer that God is in control, and His plan is perfect. Continue to look to the hills where your comfort, peace and protection comes from. It comes from the Lord.

WE WILL be airing church service tomorrow at 10:30am for you to watch, listen and be apart of the music, and Word of the Lord. WE WILL NOT BE MEETING TOGETHER. So yes the church will be closed until futher notice. I will continue to keep you informed as to Bible Study on Monday which we will air live. We MUST continue to pray for our congregation as a family, and children of God.

This is a time to seek His face, His Word, His presence, and HIs hands of protection.

Opportunities will be coming to us after this is over. But in the mean time PLEASE watch tomorrow.

The message is on ISOLATION.

AGAIN, here on our website will be more information as we travel day by day. I WILL NOT BE SHARING INFORMATION ON FACEBOOK ABOUT OUR CHURCH. We need to not spread lies, false information and words of discouragement. Everything we have learned, read, and our fabulous teachers at the River have sown GOD WORDS into our lives. Lets keep it in our hearts, our minds and now "not just be hearers, but doers of the Word"

AGAIN, service tomorrow will be aired on click on CTFTV Live, click of River Church Live, Facebook Eric Zeidler, and by cell phone(can watch) or home landline you can listen. Dial 515-604-9566 access code 203609.

Thank you for all your prayers, as we move forward in peace, joy, love and His power.

Pastor Eric

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